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Harry Waters website

The Snowy White Fanclub website:

Multi-language Snowy White Fanclub website:

Official Doyle Bramhall II website:

Doyle Bramhall II website:

PP Arnold official Website:

Jim Ladd's Station 2000 !

Pink Floyd related or cover band sites:

An unbelievably fantastic Floydian/Genesis style progressive rock band from Germany
Purchasing information for their fantastic first album "GOD HAS FAILED" as well as their new release World Through My Eyes, and other selections, can be obtained through their site above or their record company Tempus Fugit:
'God Has Failed' is one of the best first albums from a new group in 20 years!!! GET IT!!! There latest release "World Through My Eyes is their best effort however and one of the best new albums in 20 years. All their music is completely original and exceptionally great!!

Lee Saunders musical style and genius parallels that of Roger Waters, his critically acclaimed 1st album, "Promise of Peace" is the first of a trillogy concept masterpiece.
Lee Saunders and Cyrstal Music

'The Machine' is a really good Pink Floyd tribute band
Their web page is:

The Final Cut: German Pink Floyd cover band website
In English:
In German:

THINK FLOYD is a Floydian style band.
With leader and bassist/vocalist Tony Red's creative musical genius, Think Floyd was able to create completely new and original musicallandscapes painted on a Floydian canvas. Unfortunately for them, he no longer is in the band. Think Floyd's web page

'Floydian Slip' is a Pink Floyd tribute band
Their web page is:

Fan Clubs, Fanzines and related sites:

U.S. Fanclubs

Fanclubs on line site

Fansites website (somewhat commercial)

REG link at
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"BRAIN DAMAGE" the Pink Floyd fanzine is back as an all things Pink Floyd web site!
(Now Brain Damage, under new management, is on line with a website instead of a magazine)


"HEY YOU" an Italian Pink Floyd Fanzine
This is a great color cover magazine, NOW written in both English and Italian!!

"US and THEM" an Italian Pink Floyd Fanzine

"Planeta Rosa" an Italian Pink Floyd magazine and fanclub site

"Pulse & Spirit" Floyd and Waters Fanzine from Austria

"CYMBALINE" an Italian Pink Floyd Fan club and Fanzine

Dutch Roger Waters website

Brian Currin's "The South African Pink Floyd Fan Site"

Roger Waters related websites:

Simon Wimpenny's The Wall Tour Blog 'Where ya been... Where ya goin...'
Simon Wimpenny is a distinguished REG Fan Club member who is traveling the US and Europe attending each and every show during Roger Waters' The Wall tour, and detailing his experiences on the road and at the shows. An excellent blog with fantastic photo's and videos of the tour, and a great read.

Roger Waters Amused To Death (site dedicated to Roger Waters)

Richard Baucher's Roger Waters website

Roger Waters Fan site, By the fans for the fan.

Two Suns in the Sunset
This merger of two Roger Waters sites;
The Heart of the Sun and Perfect Sound
is a bi-lingual English / French website.

Roger Waters 2002 Tour site

Roger Waters

Kristin's Roger Waters Bleeding Hearts Artist Website

Roger Waters interview on BBC Radio Dec. 2000

Roger Waters Perfect Sound website:

Barry Valentines Roger Waters in Columbus Ohio webpages

Diego Sosa's Argentinian Roger Waters Website (Spanish)

Pink Floyd Related sites:

"BRAIN DAMAGE" the Pink Floyd fanzine is back as an all things Pink Floyd web site!
(Now Brain Damage, under new management, is on line with a website instead of a magazine)


HipCat Records
Largest Selection of Roger Waters and Pink Floyd Collectibles in the world. Vernon Fitches' Pink Floyd Archives

The International Echoes Hub
Pink Floyd info site

Pink Floyd Discography

Dolly Rocker
Great Syd Barrett website.

Pink Floyd Online website.
Great interactive Floyd site.

Pink Floyd & Company
A great Pink Floyd website

In Floyd We Trust - Swedish Website for Pink Floyd News

The Division Bell

The Wall Live!
Is There Anybody Out There?

Pink Floyd Online (nice Pink Floyd Website)

NEPTUNE: Pink Floyd Website

Tom Vinken's Pink Floyd Page

Daryl's Pink Floyd The Wall Page

Jason's Pink Floyd Page - "Variations On a Theme of Absence"

Dark Side of the Moon page

Colin Turner's Pink Floyd web page

Mike's FloydPowr website

FloydWaters Website

Coming Back to Life: Pink Floyd Website

Comfortably Floyd

Emily's Psychedelic Website

Obscured By Clouds website

Who is Who - Nick from the Netherlands' - Mostly pink - homepage about Pink Floyd
and other progressive Rock bands

Italian Pink Floyd website

Pink Floyd Lyrics and Chinese Poetry?

Omo Dei's "Fishbowl"

Pink Floyd Lyrics

Celebrity Pictures Archive - Pink Floyd pix (this site has tons of add's and popups!)

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Band's and Artists
Music Artist's Link Pages

Celebrity Pictures website

Search Music Network
New Web seacrh engine

'Exogen' A Progressive Rock band from Italy

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