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In The Flesh 2002
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Olympia Halle

From the Munich Germany Show
at the Olympia Halle
June 4, 2002

From: Tim Melkert
Hi there,
Went to see Roger Waters in Munich last night, what an experience! The sound quality was the best, incredible in such a hall. He seemed to enjoy himself too, at least he gave that impression. The "Comfortably Numb"- encore was a highlight, especially the guitar solos. Too good for words!

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From: Torsten Sievers
I've went to the Munich concert yesterday. The show was similar to the DVD. You could see that Roger really enjoyed performing on stage.

The sound in the Olympiahalle in Munich is - let's say - a challenge for every sound technician, but they did a good job. We sat in the 13th row and it was perfect. Andy wasn't that good that evening, I missed the perfection in his guitar performance that I've heard on many recordings.

At the end he played Flickering Flame. That song turned down the enthusiasm of the evening after Comfortably Numb - it is a nice song, but maybe not the best choice for a closing number.

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From: Roland Linzmaier
Still my blood runs cold when I'm thinking about the show in Munich. I've been a Waters-fan for many years, but I've never seen him live before and so it was like a dream come true. Everything was great, the clear quadraphonic sound, the fantastic artwork, the atmosphere. The band played brilliantly and Roger was in a really good form. It seemed to me, that he enjoyed the show and his voice sounded very strong and powerful.

In my opinion Chester Kamen was on guitar at least as good as Doyle (I know him only from the live-album) and in some points I liked Chesters style of playing a bit more. Harry Waters was great (no wonder with this father) and so was the rest of the band.

It is difficult to tell my personal highpoints, because I really love every song. Nevertheless, Set the Controls (mesmerizing video), Welcome to the Machine (awesome artwork), Shine On... (especially as the diamond appeared), Perfect Sense and It's a Miracle created such an amazing atmosphere which nearly blew me out of my seat!!! The solo songs (especially the Amused to Death pieces, my all time favorite album) matched perfectly to the Pink-Floyd-stuff and the live-version of Flickering Flame had so much feeling that I almost had tears in my eyes.

Sorry to all Gilmour-fans, but I didn't miss him very much. I saw Gilmour/Wright/Mason live in Munich in 1994 and their gigantomanic show wasn't bad, but at this time I didn't know what it means to be at a Waters- concert. His show is much more personal, the sound is more aggressive in a positive way, and you can see how he enjoys presenting his messages, packaged in outstanding pieces of music to the audience.

So all in all it was the best concert I've ever seen, everything was perfect for me and now I'm looking forward to the new album and the opera.

Thank you Roger for this evening, i will never forget it!

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From: Koko
Since the concert at the wonderful Olympiahalle (about 10.000 seats) was being reported to be sold out, I had no high hopes to see the show.

After seeing THE WALL in Dortmund about 20 years ago, and the new PINK FLOYD about 3 or 4 years ago in Munich, I really wanted to see Roger Waters live. Exactly 5 minutes before the show started I managed to get a ticket for the 13th row in front of the stage. I must admit I did not know much of Rogers solo-stuff, but I was very pleased by the way he mixed old Floyd-songs and "new" stuff.

The show was brillant, also the band, the background-singers and the sound. Roger seemed to be very relaxed, and although he did not talk much to the audience, he communicated with the audience with looks and smiles and so on.

The crowd seemed to be a bit bored in the beginning - but that's always the case when they put up seats in that venue. Roger also seemed surprised that there was no great sing-along for "Another Brick in the Wall". Being the 2nd or 3rd song after an unexpected early start (everybody thought there would be an opening act. When he started right on time 10.000 people who were standing outside drinking and chatting rushed to their seats) it was just too early, the crowd wasn't "warm" yet.

For the last few songs people would get up from their seats and approach the stage. My favourite part of the show was when the sun was eclipsed by the moon...

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