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In The Flesh
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From the Boston Show

Roger Waters, Tweeter Center, August 4, 1999
by Greg J. Scalzo (
I write this review as a person who first knew of Pink Floyd through my older brothers. I was too young to see the group in the glory days and was too disgusted to see the "Momentary Lapse of Reason"/"Pulse" tours of recent years. When I hung up the phone after ordering my tickets to this show I really could not believe that I was going to see Roger Waters live.

No musical stone was left unturned by Roger and his band at their show at the Tweeter Center on August 4th. The show lighting was top notch, but the sparse staging and projections made one thing clear. This night was about the music. The band was great. Shrug off all that insulting gossip about Roger's musicianship. He was the bass player in this band, his parts only doubled by Andy Fairweather-Low during the double bass section of "Shine On". Roger also led the group on acoustic guitar through the "Southhampton Dock" - "Pigs on the Wing" section of the show. Finally, he joined the boys on electric guitar during the encore, "Comfortably Numb". He was in excellent voice throughout, reclaiming "Wish You Were Here", "Shine On", "Brain Damage" and "Eclipse" as his own. There really is something to hearing the author sing his own words.

I liked Graham Broad's sound on "The Wall, Live From Berlin" and he continues to impress. His solo at the beginning of "Time" brought a roar from the crowd. And everyone was on their feet when his drumming punctuated the tempo of "Welcome to the Machine". How many percussionists does Uncle Dave tour with? By the way, we now know how Roger wanted "Perfect Sense" to begin. The irony was as thick as the humid summer air as the maniacal voice of HAL, from Stanley Kubrick's "2001" introduced the song. "Dave. Stop Dave... will you stop, Dave." And then, "My mind is going, I can feel it." A great connection to Rog's own computer voiced, Billy on "Radio Kaos". I also noticed a shot of HAL's red, glowing electronic eye on the tv on stage which was broadcasting images throughout the show. I was hoping Rog would do "Nobody Home" ala Berlin with Snowy's bluesy solo. Maybe they're saving it for later in the tour. How about "Nobody Home/Vera/Bring The Boys Back Home/Comfortably Numb"?? Or "Hey You/Is There Anybody Out There/Nobody Home"?

Other highlights included Jon Carin's lap steel guitar on "Shine On" and his lead acoustic guitar and vocal on "Dogs". He sure gets a workout during this set. Snowy White rocked, matching Jeff Beck's sound well on the "Amused to Death" tunes which all were faithfully and impressively recreated on stage. Roger's sometimes soft vocals came through nicely. The backup singers completed the sound. I don't know their names but if they're not the ladies from the "Amused to Death" album, they sound just like them. The singer who did the solo part on "Perfect Sense" was incredible. Why not let her have a crack at "Great Gig", Rog?

Roger's faithfulness to the music shone through during the entire set. Opening with all of side one of "The Wall" through "Mother" was extremely cool. The "Dark Side" and "Wish You Were Here" tunes were great. The thousands of people in the lawn seats made their presence known as Roger informed the rest of the audience that, of course, "the lunatics are on the grass." A moment lost on those who only play arenas. "Shine On" was humbly introduced by its author and welcomed by the crowd like a long lost friend. "Its a Miracle" had an epic air and a stunning creshendo of a conclusion. It also had humor.

Roger: "They had sex in Pennsylvania."

Audience: (A roar of approval)

Roger: "A Brazilian (chuckles) grew a tree."

Believe it or not, for me the highlight of the show was "Dogs". It was so awesome and unexpected. I always wondered what people saw in that album. This night showed me what great music it is. This band just worked that song. They were aggressive and accurate. Not a note was out of place and it didn't even matter who was singing. At times I just closed my eyes and listened.

My interest in Pink Floyd has always centered around the dispute between its members. I tried to ignore the glossy allure of Mr. Gilmour's dog and pony show, but I had started to empathize with him. Poor guy, all that talent in his hands but no audience without the name: "Pink Floyd" outside on the marquee. Well, last night confirmed my alleigence to the man who wrote the words, put the soul into my favorite music. As Roger, I and a few thousand of my friends sang the chorus of "Wish You Were Here" I knew it. The race is over. You've won, Roger.

by david sacco
Forgive the length of this review, but I needed to express my feelings for this show. Read on, you won't be disappointed.

Without a doubt, the absolute best live musical event I have ever been to! Any fears of Roger's voice deteriorating, or his inability to play bass were quelled last night (Aug. 4th) at the Tweeter Center in Boston (well, outside Boston actually, but who's to quibble?)

There are no words to describe how I felt as Roger stepped on to the stage and struck the first notes of "In the Flesh." Awe, disbelief, and relief are the only adjectives I can find at the moment. Beyond that, there was a strange aura about the theater last night. It was like we immediately connected with the band and they responded with near perfect execution.

I realize there have been numerous rave reviews from other fine folks on this message board, but I guess nothing compares to actually being there.

My recommendation: Sell the car, leave the wife/husband, send the kids packing, mortgage the house...just do whatever it takes to see Mr. Waters if you can. Ok, don't leave your family, but think long and hard if you can really forgive yourself for NOT attending at least one show on this amazing tour.

I have been a Waters/Floyd fan for more years than I can remember and although I never saw the original Floyd perform, this "In the Flesh" ensemble outshines the current "Pink Droid" and even Roger's own previous solo bands. Roger's voice was truly shocking in it's clarity and resiliency. As seasoned concert-goers (and performers) often do, I analyzed every inch of the performance for weaknesses and holes, but to my delight, found none whatsoever. And I am a harsh critic when it comes to music. My love for a particular band or performer never outweighs my passion for accuracy and sincerity. This show had it all. Sure there were a few missed notes and inconsistencies with Dave's solo's, but come on folks, this is NOT Floyd. It's Roger's band and his interpretation of his OWN music. Dave would be hard-pressed to say that about any current (latest) tour he's been on. back to the review:

Roger had an amazing stage presence and fed off the fans from the get-go. He seemed particularly interested in the fans to stage right. I was curious why this was, but very happy that the connection was made nonetheless. His gestures and interplay with the performers on stage was indeed magical, as he stated before the encore.

All in all, it was far from being just bricks in the wall. In fact, the walls came tumbling down and Roger truly bared his naked feelings„The magic remains.

by Christopher D. Ellis
All I can say is wow. Roger's show at the Tweeter Center last night was simply incredible. he had the sold out crowd on their feet for 3 hours screaming and singing along. the energy level was amazing. enough about the atmosphere, the music was the star of the show. Roger kept the same setlist he has been playing throughout the tour, no surprises there. The sound was clean and loud, the only drawback was when roger was singing some of his songs in which he talks softly, such as its a miracle and 506am. his voice was very unclear, but aside from that roger was spectacular. The rendition of Dogs that he played was superb. SOYCD sounded real nice too. He really rocked the house with What God Wants, The Powers That Be and Perfect Sense. Roger didnt say much at all to the crowd, a thank you after The Wall set and another one after his solo stuff. No band introductions. The guitar solos by everyone really stood out as fantastic. It was a very entertaining time and anyone who has a chance to see him should go, this may be the last time you can.

by Steven Eichorn
I made the 185 mile trip to the show last night and am certainly paying for it today. However, I would have traveled 500 miles to see such a wonderful "Evening with Roger Waters". His set list was very similar to the rest of the shows and given my curiosity prior to the concert, I was not very surprised by the songs. What I was surprised with was the delivery. While I would have enjoyed some of Roger's old favorites like Corporal Clegg, he gave up what the crowd wanted without sacrificing his own principals. As usual, Roger showed a strong, and patient commitment to playing the songs in it's entirety without cutting short like other members of the original band have been known to do. Shine on you Crazy Diamond was done flawlessly. During his performance of Dogs, he seemed to be mocking the audiences mistaken applaud before the song was over, by literally taking a coffee break and playing cards while the rest of the band played the journey to the final verses in the song. I found this very odd. Has Roger developed a sense of humor in his old age?

As I was rather embarrassed for the crowd because of their lack of knowledge to his own private work and their feverish roar when they recognized an overplayed classic such as Comfortably Numb (Which always sounds half right based on who plays it Roger or Dave), Roger did not seem to be disturbed by it. In fact, he actually made a comment to the crowd rebuking his recent public statements about the magic being gone. He showed his own magic when he enthusiastically pulled the crowed out of its slumber during Perfect Sense, a song from his newest album that the crowd certainly was not familiar with. He showed unfamiliar generosity to the crowd by playing all the favorites up front and keeping his own work towards the end. In my opinion though, his own work stole the show. At one point I was almost convinced that he had to be lip-syncing because it sounded so much like the album.

My only disappointment was that he has reverted back to the original rendition of Wish You Were Here rather than the fantastic re-make he did on the Pros and Cons tour. I have always wanted to hear that again.

In the end, it was not a night of pink Floyd, it was not a night of lost classics, it was not a night of who's better than who* It was truly An Evening with Roger Waters. Ike-62

by Jim M. Rock
The Boston show was the most impressive concert I've ever seen. I am a long time Roger Waters fan, but was once again blown away by the breadth and the quality. Near the beginning of the concert he played TIME and the line... "thought I'd something more to say" really said it all (he knew even then he had something to say, and say it he did undeniably). I am now looking at the dates to see where I might catch it again.

What a night. I have seen Roger Waters 3 times previous, but nothing like this including the first round of the KAOS tour in Mansfield, which was the most intense thing I had witnessed; to this point.

Waters came on at exactly 8:00 PM and the crowd stood for 3 straight hours. Towards the beginning, it seemed Roger was possibly going through the motions, basically being Roger I guess, but as the crowd pushed, he began to push back. Perhaps he recalled the night at Great Woods in 87 during the Radio KAOS tour when everyhting fell into place and as he later said was the best night of the tour. Whatever it was, he got stronger and the crowd wouldnt let him back down and he had no intentions of trying or even wanting to. It was obvious that he was having a good time and gave it his all. His bass playing was as it once was, strong, steady and the foundation for all of the other instruments to build on. His voice was classic. David Gilmour's voice has lost a bit over the years, but Waters sounded as good as it did when he recorded "Free Four" with P. F. so long ago. Maybe because he has been saving it, but seems such a shame he'd try. The band was fantastic. Snowey and Andy were outstanding, the young guitar slinger (who's name escapes me) that carried the loin's share of Gilmour's work looked tired or bored or something. He was good, but I got the sence that he was thinking past the tour to his own illustrious career. To his credit, he did at times light the fretboard on fire with his bare hands. Not an easy spot to step into and fill so well.

At the end of the show, it was obvious that Roger had found something he had missed for so long; an adoring crowd that understood the message. And the crowd found what it had missed; the true mastermind behind one of the greatest bands in rock and roll history. And along the way we all got what we needed; A glimps, be it ever so fleeting of the dark side. Shine On.

by James C. Price
Having witnessed Roger Waters live for the first time at the Tweeter Center it is quite apparent that many people have not a clue as to the extent of what his music is all about. Watching people stagger around basically comfortably numb it's easy to see why our country is going down the tubes. Most so called fans next day impression of the show will be one of I only remember getting there. Overall the show was spectacular. It was quite humerous watching most of the crowd lost as to what songs were being played never mind trying to comprehend the meaning of highly intelligent lyrics. All of Floyd's Water's albums are far superior to any of the saturated marketing gimicks that are put out today. In a nutshell having attended Allen's Psychadelic Breakfast and riding a Bike on my way to the fields of dasiy chains and laughs I realize that some crazy diamond wishes he was here to see emily play some of the greatest music that any pig on the wing would gladly ask a sheep for advice on how to get to the dark side of the moon during a total eclipse without suffering any brain damage all the while hearing the echoes of some angry dogs. In the flesh I was and what a show . Those without a clue help is available it makes perfect sense and it's what god wants. It's a miracle that the Mr. Hubbard came to play. The powers that be made sure those who know had a good time.

by Alex Fidel
Let me first start out in saying that this was one of the best show's I have ever been to. Roger Waters was looked very good for his age. When is he...55? 57? His enthusiasm was great, his vocals suffered. He played a great 12 string acoustic piece, Mother. He started off with "In the Flesh," standing on the end of the stage, on an elevated wall with his bass. The finale "Comfortably Numb" got me feeling numb the whole drive home and then some... Great concert, I hope (they) come back very soon!!

by kerry fair
We got to lot about 5pm. We were so excited to be at THE show! Viola and Biogio needed ticket money, so we got to work trying to earn it. Viola and I weren't gone from the guys for more than five minutes when someone said "hey, your friends are getting arrested!" Sure enough, the coppers were there...going through my vehicle. There were Steve and Biogio all handcuffed with pathetic little "I'm sorry" frowns on their faces. The damn bike cops (you know, the ones in the tight little shorts trying to look all kewl) were swarmed around them like pigs on a wing. So, anyway, they took the boys away while Viola and I started spare changing and trying to sell more of our hemp and tie dyes to bail them out. Went to the PD, and they were so kynd and polite (NOT). The cop behind the glass told me I outta go make money cuz i needed the money and they would be here awhile. Went back to the lot, found my friends and shared the trauma. Started spare changing some more and sold my ticket (Thanks to all the ppl who gave to the fund,man). Then I heard it...."all in all your just another brick in the wall........" SWEET! Little did I know, Steve was still at the center and he was listening, too! He said he heard the first set and that they kept to their posted set list. The band sounded strong. And the irony of In The Flesh did not get lost on Steve sitting in the paddy wagon waiting to be transported for two hours with "chemically challenged" brothers tripping and pissing themselves. Got back to the PD around 8:45 and the damn bail clerk wasn't back. There was a great group of younger kids waiting to get their friends out of the slammer. WE all had a great time sitting in the lobby, taunting the cops, while I made hemp roach clips. Finally, around 11:30pm or so, they let Steve out„a hundred dollars later. Boy, I don't think we were ever so happy to see each other. So, what is our game plan now? Get our asses to the next available show. Seeing Roger Waters in concert has been a long time coming and we've been waiting 12 years for this.

by dennis durette
Let me begin by stating Roger Waters is a living genuis who should be immortalized.First some background on me I believe waters has created the top rock albums of all time DSOTM, WYWH, ANIMALS, THE WALL, RADIO KAOS,and his lastest masterpiece AMUSE TO DEATH.when Rogers tickets went on sale for his August 4 show at the tweeter center the exicitement have a chance to here him one more time perform live sent chills down my spine for this is the man who 13 years ago performed the most perfect live show I had ever seen, twice since that memorable show I had whitnees his x band mates live yet they could never seem to put together their show like Roger.Those David's guitar playing was always spetacular the raw enery Water'sput into his show far surrpased anything his x mates could achieve.

They held a raffle one hour before the tickets went on sale to see who would be fisrt in line ,My ticket number was pull so I was bump up to first in line ,plus my brother was second in line.We grab 6 seats each the first row got ten good friends to come along gave them all the biggest bargian of thier lives by selling them at our cost $45.00 .see we had the oppetunity to cash in big but being the true Roger fans we know its about the music not the money and we wanted to be surrounded by true Water's fan not some rich tycoon who would shell out the big cash and know maybe a handful of the so-called hits.

After the KAOS TOUR I hoped to see Roger preform alot of his solo stuff but like a fool I started checking out the set list and felt a little bummed out. I thought Roger may have tried to keep the numbers happy by playing his floyd classics and pratically forgeting about KAOS and just touching the ATOD album.

Roger held his set list true to form yet from in the flesh to the numb I have never been moved more by any live act.DOGS the one tune I always wanted to hear played live and I thought it was the biggest momemnt of the first half. the band was fantastic know PERFECT SENCE was the greastest live moment in any show I have ever seen PATTI you were really on and the twenty thousand there thanks you kindy for we were whitness to the greastest display of vocal talent this the tweeter center may ever see.

So may be I will never here sunset strip or the tide turning again live like that magical night some thirteen years ago but Roger show me once more why he his the greatest of all artist there has ever been by singing and playing with more emotion than anyone I wittnessed play. my only grip is Roger you should have let the girls do their part in the great gig in the sky.

Roger its nearly 24 hrs after the show when I wrote this and my face is still hurting from smiling all day. THANK YOU ROGER FOR LAST NIGHT AND ALL THE MUSIC.

by Lynn
Totally amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more out of Roger Waters at his Boston show. Last night, it was like a dream to me, to be there watching him perform the music that has and always will touch me like no other has. I admit it was a bit slow at times, after the intermission, but as soon as I started to hear the opening music for "Lunatic" I was totally satasfied. The show opening was great, even though I knew that he would start with "In the Flesh", the crowd went absolutely wild, it was wonderful. My favorite part of the show was when he played "Mother". It literally brought tears to my eyes when he was singing that one song.

The backup singers were great! I would have loved to have met those two women, they were really wonderful, especially the one on the right.

And that giant sparkly diamond thing„it gave such great effects„i've never seen anything like it. I will surely remember this concert as long as I live. It was a total dream to be there. I would have paid anything to have gone, and it was well worth my $60.

by Virginia Lisa Brissette
I saw Roger Waters on August 4 at the Tweeter Center in Boston. This concert was the musical zenith of my life so far. I have been a Pink Floyd fan my entire life and have never had the privilege or pleasure of seeing them live.

I could go on about how good the band was or what a presence Roger Waters had (was it just me or was that man having fun?!?!) however I will sum it up by saying that seeing this amazing musician perform the songs that I love and know so well moved me to tears (I'm sniffling as I type this email!!). I will never forget this experience.

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