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In The Flesh 2000
Tour Reviews

Photo by Scott Harrison

From the Charlotte North Carolina Show

From: J Sefchick
Still in awe !!
I will keep it nice and simple.This show kicks ass. It is well worth the time and in most cases the long drive to the event.The Charlotte show went over well. The weather was great. The sound system was excellent.

I found myself many times looking over my shoulder to see what was making those noises behind me. Even the Police were relaxed as opposed to other shows. The Theater show coincided well with the songs. I was watching it more than the band themselves. My favorites being the "Eclipse" Cartoon andthe one during "Welcome to the Machine". We wished they could have done "Careful With That Axe Eugene", but that is asking too much. I kinda missed the "Radio K.A.O.S." stuff as well.

If at all anybody reading this out there in the net world is hestating going , don't hesitate. Go ! ! Buy them tickets and go see Roger . You'll be glad you did. What a way to start the Summer of the year 2000. One last note: My wife was wanting to see Roger do his famous "Scream" and other noises but he didn't. Darn :} Maybe next time.


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From: Eric Stamey Roger Waters and his band put on a wonderful show last night. The music was true to the original recordings, even the Pink Floyd tunes. I think, however, that from crowd response that most people know very little about Roger Waters and were there mainly there to see anything associated with The Wall or Darkside of the Moon, as Waters himself alludes to in the text of the concert program. That is sad considering how wonderful the solo records are, especially Amused to Death.

Blockbuster Pavilion is an outside arena, with the main seats covered by a roof. The sun was shining onto the stage for the first couple of songs, so you couldn't really see the projection screen at all. The Pavilion had set up cameras and flashed the performance on there regular big screens.

The sound was awesome. Waters used the traditional surround sound, literally, that he has always favored.

The band was phenomenal. It was interesting seeing that Doyle Bramhall, who is left handed, actually plays the guitar with the strings backwards, the high E on top and the low E on the bottom. He also sang and played his Gilmour parts perfectly and Jon Carin also did a wonderful job on Dogs.

I noticed that the TV waters had set up on stage played an old Kirk Douglass war film during the first set and 2001 during the second set. The most powerful song of the night was Perfect Sense Part 2.It was amazing to see the crowd, most who knew nothing of his solo work, stand up in utter disbelief of the song's beauty as the placechanted with the choir of voices, "Can't you see, it all makes perfect sense."

The tribute to Syd Barret was also beautiful and emotional to see his friend calling out to him. I know it made my insight of the songs completely change when I heard Waters sing them live. It was a wonderful night with perfect weather for an outdoor show.

I wish there could have been more intimacy from the crowd on the solo material, but I guess thatis the way it goes. It was beautiful seeing all the lighters lit as Waters stood motionless holding a lighter at the end of Each Small Candle. I had a wonderful time and was moved by the power and intensity, but I do feel in my heart, (and I hope I am wrong,) that Roger Waters will probably never tour again. I get the feeling that it is not exactly what he wasimagining when he set out.

Everyone needs to do the Waters test, play a record like Amused to Death and listen to the whole thing through and when you are done put on any record by any other current band and I guarantee it will sound childish. That is Waterspower: he is the truest and most brilliant musician out there. Thanks for the music Roger.

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From: Jonathan
I noticed you page while trying to find the set list for the In The Flesh Tour. I just recently went to the Charlotte concert and want to say that seeing Roger Waters live was the closest I've been to a Religious experience.

I know that this was the best show I have and will ever see (unless the boys put aside differences and play together again). I saw Gilmore in '94 or '96 whichever, and thought that was the best. WRONG! I came to realize at the show, that Roger wrote most of the songs that I find to be my favorites.

To make a great experience short, to all that may read this, if you are anywhere close to a venue, you must attend. I garuntee you will not be disappointed.

Live it,
Love it
Breathe it.


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From: Carla Cozzen
I totally agree with Jonathan - the In The Flesh concert was like a religious experience. It was breathtaking and AWESOME! I was eagerly awaiting Perfect Sense Parts I and II and was EXTREMELY pleased!

Even my husband (a Roger Waters virgin, basically who does not know the song) was holding his arms up in the air and chanting with the choir and Roger during the Global Anthem.

The surround sound was extraordinary. I just knew there was a helicopter above the stage cover and dogs back on the lawn somewhere!! I would have liked to heard something from Radio KAOS as well but that was fine.

Eric mentioned that people did not seem to recognize or know the solo stuff - I was in fairly good seats and those around me all knew Every Strangers Eyes when it came on (could not mistake that one coming up with the 18-wheeler sound over the surround sound!)

I strongly urge everyone to see this show. I had no problem forking over $50 the minute the tickets went on sale. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

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From: Eric and Will Matthew
AWESOME!!  That's as close to a description I can give for this show. I've seen many concerts in my days, including Gilmours Pink Floyd, but this show beat those as well, IMO. The evening was nearly perfect - from the Carolina weather (not too hot) - the perfect sound system - the excellent musicians touring with Water's - the extremely friendly and happy crowd (in/on the grass - pun intended) - the great well thought out set list - to the energy in the electric air (an epiphanic experience) ! Thanks to all the not-so-strangers making my evening by talking to me as though you knew me all along. I think I'll go back for more at the show near DC on July 15. Folks, this is a concert not to be missed. One more descriptive word for the show - MAGICAL!!

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From: Nancy Schwoerer
It was here in Charlotte last Wednesday night that we "lucky ones" saw Roger perform. The show was amazing, sound was impeccable, the weather was perfect and the crowd was a delight of which to be a part. I have seen many great shows in my years as a rock 'n roll fan...the two very best for me are are last August in Atlanta when Roger performed at Lakewood and last Wednesday here in Charlotte. Both left me numb and smiling for days...lots of happy feeling were generated. Thank you, Roger!!!

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From: Kennyrup@aol.com
Hands down the best show in Blockbuster Pavillion's history. The show absolutely rocked. The best part was right when Wish You Were Here came on I looked in the crowd and saw a close friend that I had not seen in 3 years. Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

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From: Calvin Folds
Good Evening,
 First of all you have a great web site here.  I've been a big Waters fan for over 20 years.  I first saw Roger live on April 28, 1977 during the Animals tour in Baton Rouge, LA.  I, too, was at the Chicago show last year, and just saw the Charlotte show two weeks ago.  I believe the Charlotte show was better musically (if that's possible)....everyone seemed more relaxed.  But there's nothing compared to seeing that show in the cosy confines of the Rosemont Theater.  

Keep up the good work with your website.

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